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It standardizes the registries of network events, regardless of their source (switches, routers, softswitches, etc.)

It allows your systems of support, invoicing, customer attention, etc. to manage a single format, avoiding the necessity of changes every time an equipment is actualized or added.

  • Collection of events from multiple sources.
  • Different ways to access information.
  • User configurable parsing through XML patterns.
  • Preconfigured and tested parsing for files originated in Ericsson AXE, Siemens EWSD, Alcatel-Lucent, Cedarpoint Safari C3, Huawei X3000, ZTE, SDE, Asterisk, and switches.
  • Data codification management: ASCII, hexadecimal, hexabit, binary.
  • Additional special codifications optional.
  • Agrupation of partial events in single registries: long calls with multiple cdrs, multiple events regarding a single transaction, etc.
  • User configurable data normalization.
  • User configurable outgoing registry formatting through XML patterns.
  • Multiple outputs from a single source of events.
  • Distribution of outgoing registries through various methods.
  • Multiuser.
  • Multicompany.
  • Integrity and operative statistics control for an adequate follow-up of processed events.
  • Correction and error recovering processes, included in the module.
  • Programmable process execution.
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