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System audit
In order to assist our clients in the observance of current regulations and standards, we perform audits so as to evaluate the level of observance and suggest solutions which help you achieve a higher standard.
We count on specialists with specific knowledge in COBIT, SOX, CMMI, BCRA 4609, PCI, AFJP requirements, DA 669/2004, ISO 27000, among others.

Information security management
Information is one of the most valuable assets in organizations, therefore its safety must be guaranteed at all times. To achieve this it is necessary to implement a Security Management System which allows you to know the risks faced by the organization in security matters, and analyze and implement measures to reduce them to acceptable levels.
The security management process consists of a series of activities, in whose development we can collaborate:

  • Security organization.
  • Internal guidelines development.
  • Risk management.
  • Elaboration of a strategy and a safety plan.
  • Information classification.
  • Awareness and training.
  • Evaluation and control implementation.
  • Definition and implementation of metrics, etc.
  • Computer Security
    Since the majority of organizational processes are currently computerized, it is essential to look after the protection of the information which is stored, processed or transferred through electronic means.
    To achieve this we offer our customers a series of activities which aim at improving the level of computer security of their organization:

  • Safety architectures evaluation and reengineering.
  • Vulnerabilities analysis.
  • Network penetration and web application testing.
  • Application safety evaluation, processing platforms and databases.
  • Evaluation of the internal regulation framework in safety matters.
  • Security level improvement plans.
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